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Tea, Biscuits and Gardening at Sow True Seed

  • Sow True Seed 243 Haywood Street Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

We’ll be serving tea this evening during Acornucopia’s Four Course Nut Taste & Tell. We’ll have our blends for sale as well. Here are some details!:

NOTE: Ticket sales end on March 7.

How different would our world look if we derived the four basic commodities of "grain", oil, "dairy" and "meat" from an agriculture of perennial native trees? Could it look like Acorn crackers? Stable climate? Hickory oil chestnuts fritters? More natural diversity? Walnut ice cream? Healthier people? We are what we eat, and what we eat shapes the world in which we live. If we are to gracefully make room for the expanding human population we will need to transition to vegetable based diets that are carbon negative. That means eating perennial tree crops like nuts. Ultimately consuming products made from trees encourages the planting of them.

Come experience an inspiring tasting of creative iterations of food using native nut ingredients prepared by:

Jason Sellers of Plant

Susannah Gebhart of O.W.L.

Cathy Cleary, creator of West End Bakery.

Bill Whipple shares anecdotes about where the nuts came from, how they got to your plate, and an unfolding future braised in elegant and positive solutions. Bill Whipple has been a perennial tree crop farmer for over 30 years. He planted his chemical free pear orchards in 1987. He helped steward the edible parks and initiated 2 new ones in Asheville spawning the Buncombe Fruit and Nut club. In the last 6 years he has co-created the Nutty Buddy Collective which has provided land access for young aspiring orchardists, and the Acornucopia Project which intends to create perennially tree based industries in our region.

Each $25 ticket includes admission, sampling of nutty delights, and a $7 voucher for Acornacopia products available at the event.

Details HERE in the Facebook event.