Tea Recipes

This time of year, with the leaves starting to turn and the weather just that smallest notch closer to sweater weather, I find myself drinking a lot of tea. Fall seasonal blends like chai and ginger teas are staples in our household.

Sometimes, though, it’s fun to think about new and different ways to play with tea- it doesn’t always have to be about drinking it! Here are a few of the latest recipes other folks have created using our tea blends. Hope you enjoy experimenting this fall! I’d love to hear if any of you have your own favorite tea recipes.

Sips by Jasmine Tomato Soup (made with our Jasmine Gold tea)

Vine Ripe Nutrition Summer Green Tea Risotto and Hibiscus Mojito Popsicles (made with our G&Tea and Hibiscus Mojito teas)

Roots & Branches Mojito Madness Spread (made with our Hibiscus Mojito tea)

Cheers to a good meal!!