I love to collaborate with our strong farm-to-table community to find the most unique and fresh ingredients. We can create tea blends that you can’t find anywhere else. You really take home a little piece of Asheville.”
— Jessie Dean, founder

Steeping it Local

Asheville Tea Company blends teas and farm-sourced, seasonal botanicals so you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea morning, noon and night. 

Steeped by our desire to bring farm sourced brews and everyday tea culture to Western North Carolina, founder Jessie Dean began her vision for Asheville Tea Company in 2015.

As a West Asheville mom, keen traveler and outdoor enthusiast, Jessie is on a mission to combine her love of a good cuppa with her passion for the area's unique ingredients.

We care most about delicious, clean and healthful products, unique flavors and supporting our area's farms and businesses. In partnering with regional farmers and proprietors, Asheville Tea Company blends cleanly grown, sustainably harvested botanicals and small batch artisanal offerings to bring the flavors of Asheville into each of our handcrafted teas.

Asheville’s strong farm-to-table and craft beverage culture inspires us as small business owners and we are excited to bring our love of craft teas to your home!

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. But, where did the ingredients come from?

Most teas consist of internationally-sourced ingredients (adding to our carbon footprint) and added flavorings, reducing our experience of fresh, unique local flavor. We are providing a fresh way to enjoy what’s in your cup: knowing where it comes from. 

We create craft tea blends with regional, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, highlighting the full flavors of our region.

When you drink tea from Asheville Tea Company, you partner with area farms and sustainable tea producers for a deliciously fresh tea experience. You can’t help but drink it all in.

Join us in the Farm-to-Teacup movement.